Infection Control



This course coversĀ the ongoing concern of employees andĀ employers, regarding the chanceĀ of catching an infectious disease through contact with an infected person or suffering illness via food materials handled by an infected person.

Infections are often easily dealt with but sometimes, if they are not managed effectively, they can create serious problems.

The course is aimed at all levels and gives the student a good knowledge of infection control.Ā  The course is run over one day and studentsĀ will receive a certificate in infection control.

Course Syllabus.

  • What is infection.
  • What is infection control.
  • Pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Risk of infection.
  • Chain of infection.
  • Health & hygiene.
  • Hand hygiene.
  • Hygiene PPE.
  • Safe handling of waste and sharps.

Course length: 3 hrs.

Qualification: Infection control certificate.

Cost: Ā£35 per person + VAT on open courses.

Ā£35 per person (min charge of Ā£280) + VAT for in-house courses.


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