Safeguarding children



This safeguarding course is a general child protection training course specifically designed for anyone who comes into contact with children.

The training course gives candidates a greater understanding and confidence of supporting children who may be at risk of abuse.  The course highlights what to look for, how to report it and also includes recent changes to legislation regarding reporting under the Serious Crime Act 2015. It also looks at specific abuse cases that form both the law and protection principles that are currently applied.

Course Syllabus:

  • Legislation.
  • Relevant cases.
  • Every child matters.
  • Types of abuse.
  • Recognising abuse.
  • Long term effects of bullying.
  • Recording and reporting.

Course length: 4 hrs.

Qualification achieved: Safeguarding children certificate.

Care standard: Standard 11.

Cost: £35 per person + VAT on open courses.

£35 per person + VAT (min charge of £240 + VAT) for in-house courses.


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